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My name is Burt.

Here are my money making ideas.

Money Making Idea

If you enjoy testing out new software, programs, or websites, a career as a beta tester may be right up your alley. Beta testing is an easy job where you get to investigate the functionality of various software, programs, or websites. Your job is to try and break the item, and then report the breakage to someone else who gets to fix the item. Beta testing is a great part-time job for anyone who has the time to spare, and the money isn’t too bad neither.

Average pay rate: From $1 to $100 per hour depending on the item being tested, the experience level of the beta tester, and the company needing the service.

Pros: Easy way to supplement any income, no need to leave the house, and the more experienced beta testers can make a lot of money breaking things.

Cons: Finding a beta testing position is not an easy task, and the work is not steady.

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